We are sure you’ve noticed how we love to tell the stories through our pictures,
however it seems that nowadays – these stories will just remain on the computer or on our phone…not in our hands.

That is why after when the celebrations has come to an end, we want to give you with something that is far more meaningful
than pictures on a screen. Its not a DVD, but a box, it’s a box that is full with memories and moments…
a box that can be passed on to the next generation.

We believe in the tangibles. Those intimate moments, of happiness, tears and wonderful memories, we want you to have it in your hands.

The memory box includes Wooden USB drive, stuffed with all you images for safe keeping.
Feel free to add your own personal belonging, mementos and precious items to the box other than what we have included inside.
It can be the dried flowers from your bouquet, lovely name cards from the dinner table or anything else you can think of.
Put your memories and stories in that box.

*2017 packaging*