Words of kindness

      Guan Hui and Silvia capture the most magical moments for their clients. They are extremely approachable, fun and adventurous, making every shoot really enjoyable. Being a couple themselves, they are able to direct us with the poses, helping us look natural in the photos.

      Their great sense of aesthetics and a keen eye for details can be seen from their photography work to the locations they scout and their one-of-a-kind packaging. The great passion they have for their work and the hard work they put in can be easily seen and felt. Besides their top-notch skills and talents, they are also very helpful, giving us newlyweds suggestions as to how we can plan our program for our actual day wedding. We are filled with immense gratitude for having them for our pre-wedding shoot as well as actual day wedding!

      Jiayi & Javi

      Words of kindness

      One of the best wedding decisions that we made was hiring Bloc Memoire as our wedding photographers. This husband and wife duo makes it easy in bringing out the best of a couple in pictures through their infectious enthusiasm and energy, making the time spent with them a comfortable and fun process. The best part is their ability to bring out emotions and their keen eye for details (especially for golden hour shots). Until today, we still receive praises that the emotions during our wedding were captured beautifully.

      Having worked with them again twice at our good friends’ wedding, we have nothing but praise and admiration for their hard work they put in all the time to ensure they get the best shots for their couple.

      We connected so well with them during our prewedding shoot and wedding that our relationship with them developed from vendor-client to indian food buddies. Thank you Guan Hui and Silvia, for your friendship and for the memories encapsulated in amazing photographs that we can keep for a lifetime. :)

      Yiquan & Valene

      Words of kindness

      To be honest, we first fell in love with their photos even before we got to know Guan Hui and Silvia! these two are seriously talented and passionate about what they do- you don't have to worry about them missing the details, emotions and getting the wrong angles! It was also nice that they are a couple as they were able to guide us with our poses during our photo shoot and wedding day. This made the whole experience so easy and enjoyable! The thing about weddings is about capturing all the fun and emotional moments that you missed out during the day and they managed to capture the essence of it all as we look through our photos!

      We are truly appreciative of what they have done for us and we have been recommending them to all our family and friends ever since!

      Kenny & Xiangs

      Words of kindness

      Engaging Blocmemoire was one of the best decisions we have made for our wedding. Guanhui and Silvia are both stars, and are an absolute joy to work with! Given their local and international successes, this photography POWER duo are truly super fun-loving, super humble and down to earth and extremely, extremely hardworking. And I have to emphasize that humility and their dedication is truly why they such a gem to work with!

      Their passion and love for their craft comes in the form of their photos - but it extends beyond that: Their friendship to us (and other vendors), their love for each other, their team work (I love it whenever they take photos, Silvia will say "CROSSING", "BACK"; husband and wife teamwork and chemistry are amazeballs), their love for wanting to help other couples truly enjoy their wedding, is testament to why having them as a vendor made our wedding (and many others) that much more special, that much more magical.

      Guan Hui and Silvia, we thanked you a lot, but cannot stop thanking you for being so nice and kind and humble and amazing throughout the wedding celebrations. Even the bridal party was praising you NONSTOP! The photos are gorgeous and truly having you as part of our celebration was a dream and an honor! LOVE YOU BOTH! HUAT AH!

      x, Greg and Gen

      Words of kindness

      Having these talented duo as our prewedding photographer is the best decision that we had ever made. Both me & El are those awkward-to-the-max kind of person in front of any cam, and we are so bad at poses!! But the fact is, GH & Sil keep the vibe so chill and relax during the shoot! They helped and guided us a lot throughout the day. And they are so good at capturing all the moments and emotions that both you and your better half have during the interactions! Yes, the couple get to talk during the shoot!! And Yay, no stone-like poses! This made the whole experience a fun and memorable one! Leave yourself to these two experts, they do it the best! ;)

      Seeing both of them at work also inspired us a lot, although they keep teasing each other but praises for each other shots always follow.. Their chemistry gave us a lot of warm fuzziessss!!

      Guan Hui and Silvia, we really thank you for making this a life time memory to us and thank you for the photos that made both of us cried so bad.. haha!

      With lotsa love,
      El & Kit

      Words of kindness

      True to their mantra in keeping things real, Bloc Memoire represents a fresh air in today's wedding photography scene. Their chemistry, cheerfulness, and dynamism make shooting actually a fun thing to do (no dreadfulness, no cheesy poses, no complaints really!) We received many raves about our wedding photos which we flashed during our wedding. Looking back the photos each time sends flashback of when the moments were captured and there were story to tell, not go by the flow. Can I just say we LOVE our photos?

      Alex & Gina

      Words of kindness

      The day of our photoshoot was a cloudy one with rumbling thunder, much to our disappointment of missing the sunrise completely. But GH and Sil still greeted us with enthusiasm and positivity, and we knew that everything was going to be fine. It turned out more than just fine, we had helluva fun just being ourselves – even the drizzle didn’t dampen our spirits! We remember just laughing throughout the entire photoshoot, and we love their attention to detail for making every movement, prop and location photo-worthy.

      What we received wasn’t just a set of nicely posed photos, what we got was the captured emotions and connection that we share as a couple. And of course a new found friendship – thanks guys for being awesome xx

      Kevin & Huijun

      Words of kindness

      Thank you for making our wedding experience so much more enjoyable! Absolutely LOVED whatever time we've spent together. You two have the most amazing chemistry and we just love being around you guys. Thank you for capturing our memories. Please don't ever stop whatever you're doing <3 Will &Adrianne

      Words of kindness

      Just wanna express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for being a part of our wedding celebrations! From taking our prewedding pictures in Bali to our actual day at Nosh, thank you both for being such a fun bunch, it has been awesome getting to know you guys! We will always cherish this little friendship and fun/ laughter spent together.

      Please keep up with the amazing works/ creatives, we're such great fans here :)
      Do hope we will have opportunities to cross path again! Stay amazing!

      Clement & Clara


      Choosing Bloc Memorie was a natural choice. We wanted someone that would gel like a long lost friend during our shoots and of course with a great eye for photography. We didn’t want the usual studio style shots nor typical staged poses. Rather, a unique and different approach to capturing our wedding and they definitely delivered!

      From running around the streets of Tokyo to chasing the diminishing evening light in Singapore and finally our wedding weekend, it felt like having great friends riding through the journey with us. Guan Hui and Silvia constantly look out for new perspectives to capture that perfect moment for us. We love their portfolio and we knew we can entrust them to take raw yet capture intricate details and emotions.

      We truly appreciate their generosity towards us and will continually keep the fond memories we created!

      Nigel & Hannah

      For all the hopeless romantic and
      sentimental dreamers

      We love all those raw emotions, the in-between and perfectly imperfect moments.

      We want our images to reflect the truth about your day; the setting, the small gestures, the big feelings and the warmth and emotion that was felt amongst you and your guests.

      Let’s create magic together

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