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      Hey hey hey~ Before you jump the gun, please do take your time to look at our work as much as you can. The stories we’ve created with our couples are not for everyone as we tend to focus on smaller details, moments and relationships that have deeper meanings which will increase in value over time. We are totally cool with it if we are not the right fit for you as we would want you to make the right decision.
      If our visual style speaks to you in some indescribable, intangible way, we’d love for you to connect with us!

      In order to serve better and give more attention to our couples, we have decided to take only 50 full day Weddings for 2018. For couples who are having small celebrations, don’t worry we are still are open for bookings. Please do help us fill in the contact form as much information as possible.

      We do not accept bookings more than 13months in advance. As we do travel quite frequently it’s hard for us to commit our schedule beyond that period. Lastly, I’m pretty sure that we do not have any Actual day videography services, thanks for asking..but really, we don’t have any. Head over here so we can introduce some of the awesome vendors to you 🙂

      We are so happy that you have found us
      Looking forward to knowing you better!

      If you have problems with the contact form, you can always contact us at:

      E: bloc.memoire@gmail.com

      * We don’t answer messages or calls during late evenings/night as we might be busy snuggling and cuddling ;p


      Bloc Memoire based at Singapore
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