Thank you so much for all the love and support, our local & destination pre wedding for 2017 is fully booked!!

      Please feel free to contact us thru the contact form if you wish to travel with us next year!!


      Silvia and I love travelling and there are tons of places that we have not been to yet! We do have a bucket list of places to go to. if you are planning something unique, intimate and think that we are a good fit, Silvia and I would love to have a good adventure with you 🙂

      Qualifications :
      Love our style
      For Intimate weddings/ elopement, it must be 50 or less people present
      It can also be for an honeymoon, anniversary or engagement shoot (no gowns)

      List of places:






      If you don’t see your fav place on the list or you have an awesome place that you want to go, then please give us a shout!

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